St Dalfour *Gold Seal* Beauty Whitening Cream Original

St Dalfour *Gold Seal* Beauty Whitening Cream Original
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Product Description

St Dalfour *Gold Seal* Beauty Whitening Cream Original

Combination of natural fruit & seaweed extract found only in the Middle East. After years of research an effective whitening agent is here for everyone to use... Main Ingredients: Berberry extract, Vitamin E, Sunblock, Organic Milk & Moisturizer. Only natural ingredients that will make your skin GLOW! ! ! Against freckles, old pimples scars, yellow spotted skin, black head, wrinkles, allergy and all other skin blemishes & impurities. Use regularly and your skin will be fairer, clearer, smoother and glowing with beautiful complexion.

More details and instructions:

Thank you for your interest in our product. St Dalfour Whitening Cream is made with good ingredients in the country of Kuwait. A listing of the main ingredients is provided above. May arrive with clear or white safety seal.


Discontinue use of other products with chemical ingredients 3 days prior to beginning use of St Dalfour Whitening Cream as the herbal ingredients in our product may react with the chemicals of another product.

1. Cleanse face thouroughly

2. Massage into skin until the cream has dissolved

3. Twice (2x) a day, Morning and at before bedtime. No need to use other facial solutions or facial products such as toner and moisturizer.

We currently carry 3 types of the cream on our website 1) Original is the strongest and most effective. 2) Light Brown can be used as alternate to the Original. 3) Beige is a maintenence cream to be used to maintain the results of Original or Light Brown after you have achieved your goal.

Apply sunblock after you have applied the cream in the morning to protect the cream and your skin from the extreme heat of the sun as the cream becomes less effective when exposed to the sun and heat.

It is also suggested to cleanse with St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Soap prior to your morning and bedtime applications as this soap contains a whitening agent and the cream will work better on properly cleansed skin.


Allergic reactions are NOT COMMON and only happen to a select group of people with very sensitive skin. All of the cream we sell contain herbal and natural ingredients which normally do not cause allergic reactions. However, people with sensitive skin may react to the preservative ingredients in the cream.

---Recommendation: You should take a SKIN ALLERGY TEST with the cream before applying these products to your face and skin. The best way to prevent an allergic reaction is to know if one will occur. Prior to using the cream, apply a thin layer to a tiny spot on the face that can be covered by your hair. Throughout the day, observe it to see if the spot becomes puffy, itchy or warm. If all three occur, then you have an allergic reaction to the cream and should not use it at all.

I hope this answers some of your concerns. Feel free to ask more questions if you desire.

Best regards,

Tony C.


St Dalfour (Gold Foil) Whitening Soap
St Dalfour Whitening Soap with Gold foil wrapping. This soap has more whitening power.
$18.99, 3/$51.00, 12/$192.00
St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Sunblock - 3-in-1 Moisturizer, Whitening and Sunblock SPF 60
SPF 60, 25g. Amazingly has SPF 60 !!! One of the highest SPF as any sunblock available on the market..Absolute protection for our face. THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY SUNBLOCK. This is a TRIPLE COMBINATION of WHITENING AGENT, MOISTURIZING and SUN PROTECTION FACTOR OF 60 that gives you the ULTIMATE EFFECT OF ANTI-AGING AND SUNSCREEN PROTECTION. This is HYPO- ALLERGENIC and NON-COMEDOGENIC (won't clog pores). It helps LIGHTEN DARK SPOTS AND OTHER SKIN BLEMISHES leaving you an even tone and fairer skin. We have tried and tested it for a month, and we were amazed with our first application because it is NOT GREASY and it absorbs very well into our skin. This is VERY GOOD AS BASE FOR MAKEUP. Once applied, it gives you that powder finish which you won't need to apply your powder to achieve a fresh look. TRY IT AND YOU BE THE JUDGE. LIGHTEN, MOISTURIZE AND PROTECT SKIN AGAINST HARMFUL EFFECTS OF UV RAYS FROM SUN. KEEPING FACE FROM DRYNESS, BLEMISHES AND PIGMENTATION. Apply smoothly onto face and can be use as often as you like. This is also safe to use by pregnant women.
$22.50, 3/$60.00, 12/$225.00, 24/$420.00